24 Feb 2012


I cant believe i haven't put this sooner, and appologies to any followers that arent aware already but i have moved to a new production site this year.


Check it out!

1 Jul 2011

Just to keep you all up to date while im away

So the second year ended, and i got my results back, as predicted a nice high 2:1, 4points off that first (damn it) but close enough for someone with little to no experience so i am happy.

I really enjoyed it and i am pleased to say i am staying on animation next year. I am now on a 2 month break but will still be using this site to compile new research and ideas as and when i see them, starting with this little gem...

20 May 2011

EVOLUTION 'Life is but a drop in the Ocean'

When a single drop lands in the Primordial soup it triggers a reaction creating life as we know it, but what happens when that reaction begins to slow down?

Running time 2 Minutes 24 Seconds.

Written, Animated, Edited by Simon Tye, UWE Animation.

Music by Moby Gratis.

We made it.

...So production is complete, the screening is complete and I just want to say well done to everyone, all the work was excellent, spent half my day laughing my ass off at the comedies and the other half in solem silence appreciating the more serious tones.

I also want to say a big thank you to all the staff, the students and even the shops at UWE for helping me through what has to be the toughest, but most rewarding semester of my student career so far.

Here's looking forward to next year, and what it may bring!

Well done everyone.

6 May 2011

Progress report

DVD packaging is ready for print.

Video is ready for burning although i suspect some level of compression may be required - Researching this.

One sheet - probably could do with an updating and tidy etc.

Research and Journal are here really. So more research to do!

If i get the chance i will upload the Video (now with extra SFX) but it takes so long and frankly i like having internet that has speed resembling something from this millenia. i.e. not a 28k modem while blogger makes a meal of uploading.

Next up really is printing, making sure it looks presentable and a final check of the video/animations to make sure nothing hideously undesirable has happened

- Note - I am aware the mouth hasn't lined up in SC15. This was my mistake, i created the animation once at Bower Ashton and it was lined up, and then once again at home, where it was not. I didn't notice til it was rendered. I can move it but only will once i have everything but burning the disc done.

Other than that, it's just the One sheeit and then the 2000 words of evaluative genius i have to write.

The end is nigh.

How can anything be New AND Improved?

The re-developed DVD case, disc and production logo.

29 Apr 2011

I did it. I actually did it!

So after everything from a day in A&E to a week of repairing and formatting my pc, i've finally comped the animation together for a complete run. Some things still need to be tidied up but as it stands it's complete. Timing may be out but without all the SFX i am not working too hard on that yet.


27 Apr 2011

Predictable and Murphy Strikes again;

So yeah, naturally, with 2 scenes left to complete, the rig (my pc) completely goes into melt down with corrupted sectors on the HDD, enough blue screens of death to leave an imprint on the monitor and 2 full formats and reinstalls later (the first one went horribly wrong with after effects and even adobe support couldn't fix it) So yeah. I'm just back on track.

Praise the lord for my external hdd backing up over 300Gb of stuff for this animation alone. Dont fancy doing that again.

Progress update:

Final scene left to animate, then comping it all into vegas *(which i need to reinstall - also i lost the file that was the animatic so i will be going from scratch but much of the scenes are to exact timings anyway so fairly straight forward for the most part) Final scene is SC16, the fat man and his arm chair. I've drawn everything out for it, coloured and waiting to be animated. Here's a sneak peak;

Time to crack on.

20 Apr 2011

Progress report - 20.04.2011

So i have neglected this site for a little while now, but i have been busy working away.

I'm pleased to say that bar 2 practically static scenes, the animation is complete. Next step is applying the audio foley tracks and timing, then assessing the workload (thanks to visual culture essays, proposals, bibliographies and my incredibly high levels of intolerance to reading that wafty arty book [Philosophers on Art, from Kant, to the Postmodernists, 2010 Columbia University Press] - enjoy!) i am limited.

I'd hit a few snags in the animation, particular scenes coming out much smoother than others and i am making a list of to do's as i type this. Overall it's going well and I am on track to completing the entire animation in it's roughest state by the end of the weekend. Keep checking back or Subscribe for updates to see the new Animatic - final go live sunday night hopefully.

So the 'To Do' list:

Scene 5.5 - Stone falling (attempt one flopped, need to render nicer bg, stone looks ok)
Scene 14 - Fat guy in couch. (remember to enter in from smoke, simple scene otherwise)

To Tidy:

Scene 8 - Character coloured out of lines. Angle and proportions are skewed in last animated frame. BG all good. Colour filter working.

Scene 5.3 - Fish not 3D layer in After Effects (minor cosmetic, but does stand out)

Scene 15 - Credit Sequence far too quick (fitted to scene timing but looks awful - priority)

Scene 0 - Titles. - The drop, path of movement needs smoothing, but looks ok when music and flow are active.(minor cosmetic)

Scene 1 - Drop needs to fall faster, also, for longer. scene is 1/2 second too short to animatic (check script rev. 2) (still working but could get fixed quickly enough - Causing fade to black transition that makes no sense.)

Scene 4 - Monkey tree climb. Awful, knew it was going to be. Took too long to animate the motion of the hands, try with sfx to see if improved.

Scene 4.2 - Still using old flash animation. Could be replaced with new Gorilla model for consistancy but low priority as it's a very distant shot.

Scene 6 - Stood still. Looks nice, needs that 'ping' on the sun inserting. Easy job.

Scene 7 - Re-shoot if time, get better frame timings and reduce red filter to opacity 34% (production standard)

Think that should be enough to keep me busy while I slowly work myself into an early grave!

13 Apr 2011


Digital animation is now in effect, and taking longer to do than the handdrawn, whoever said computers were the future was mistaken.

Anyway. Enjoy.

Usual format, compression etc.

Scene 1 - roughly complete, need to tidy the flight path slightly.

Scene 4 - I knew this one was going to be a pain in the preverbial. It was. That is all. Put the little sweat wipe as an after thought to the 14 second scene being nothing but tree climbing hands. Think it breaks it up and is the only humour in the entire animation.

The final Scene 15. Now with 100% more credits. Let me know what you think!

Revised animatic coming soon!

5 Apr 2011

Animatic - progress compilation 05042011

Compressed animatic for reference

Progress as of 05042011

05.04.11 - progress so far

Made lots of progress lately, 100% complete in the hand drawing now i think, may be one or two more things to do/fix.

Scanned and am now comping the first few scenes (2-5) and they are looking great!

Redesigned scenes 10-11. New plot twist, and characters designed, scene animated but need to work out how to do smoke. 

I've also produced a few testers after clean up to check they still run, here's a couple of compressed videos !

  SC7 - full colour, pre comp.
grat 6
1050x576 16:9
2shots per frame, repeat on 12th frame and third shot on frame 8 to prolong the impact.

This has since been coloured, and is an overlay to a character shot that remains static. This is the scene which i need to add smoke that fills the screen. 

A line test for the old scene 10.1, I decided to remove this shot as it really just didn't do the film justice and was a very predictable angle to take.

Feel free to give feed back on any of the scenes and any ideas you have, especially about the smoke effect!

2 Apr 2011

This is a little untidy,

Ignore the awful attempt at a flash transition between morph and plane flight, i can redo this in Vegas nice and easily. Otherwise, not a bad little scene for a rush job, change of angle, change of plot sudden decision made 2 days ago.


usual details...

square pixel

made in after effects cs5

31 Mar 2011

too much after effects makes simon something something...

Polish animation about a fly

Just thought this had great timing and pace and thought i'd chuck it up, although i understand vaguely that he said the F word atleast once at the end im not sure what he was saying.

Funny none the less. and nice use of mixed media in one scene i think.


And another...

Just finished scene 5.1-3's bg work, may aswell share it now...

Thought i should mention that these uploads are all compressed to MPeg 4 xvid codec so the sample rate is reduced slightly (pixelation) this isn't in the compressed video but in youtubes post upload compression doubling it up and really naffing it.

After, After Effects...

So had a tutorial yesterday, what a big help! Thanks to Ian for his advice and hilarious stories, so here's what we made;

Bit of a daft one i know.

So then i went home, and i got to making something a bit more relevant and a lot more sexy...

Scene 7, without the character, timings have been an issue, the scene is originally designed to be around 6 seconds long, but the character animation is only 2 seconds, so some crafty editting and additional shots will need to be put in. Watch this space. And yes, it has an orange film filter over it, scene 8 will have a red.

Also did scene 8 which may now come somewhere in the middle of scene 7 ?! - yeah dont ask.

Scene 8, 1050x576, 25fps, 6 layers in 3D render. 2 Seconds or 50 frames. character layer missing.

26 Mar 2011

The 'to do' list

Production starts monday, after a fairly successful pitch, currently scoring a nice high 2:1 which i am fairly pleased with (want that 1st even more now). So here's the 'to do' list for monday, and provided i can always get to a computer i will be listing one for each day of production to keep track of what is and isn't getting done.

  • Consider layout and character layout.
  • Line Test - Scene 10, 10.1 - 10.3 (Spear to Plane morphing) 
  • Digital backgrounding in the evening.
  • Discuss with Rachel an idea for scene 11 where plane crashes, and the depth of focus control.
  • 10.3 - consider Birds eye view angle as part of morph sequence (ie introduce a cut in the morph make life easy)
  • Remember to breathe.
  • Character design for Scene 11 - silhouette and detailing.
Sounds like a lot, but seeing as the spear should be no more than 5 frames on loop - then the morph may be a cut now due to an inspirational shot i saw Friday where the plane passed very close up from a birds eye view (thought i might steal that :D)

Character design for Scene 11 is already done, just need to discuss and edit now. Also consider the eye.

Digital backgrounding needs discussing in a technical aspect, what detail and layers to create for clouds and sky in black in white. and how to comp them.

18 Mar 2011

Did some more LT's before todays tutorials...

Scene 6
Graticule 8
23 frames at double shot running 25fps.

(Compressed quality for sake of upload times)

Bit of an elaborate fix, i started the walk with him holding the spear in the wrong hand, inorder to move it other, i, well, i got a bit carried away and made him throw it up and do a forward roll before jumping to catch the spear.

Better than plain old running. Needs a frame to excentuate the throw at frame 13. May remove the first 6/7 frames as it's a slow step and replace with 3 frames or so for the run. Also need to put a few more on the end for the landing, but i am pleased with the motion smoothness and the weighting in the shot considering this is the first time i've ever animated anything like this.

Feel free to comment any suggestions or... ...comments.

15 Mar 2011

Nice and simple

I liked the look of this, something about it's simplicity appeals to me, however the part that caught my eye was the attention to detail when he draws the friend and the movement in the hand i thought was very well captured.

12 Mar 2011

for anyone who had trouble finding a working version

here's a legit black and white UWE Bristol Logo from them, i haven't editted it in anyway and thought i'd just share it up for anyone browsing as a reminder we need to use it on our production materials as and where we can.


Things taken from Cinematography talk 10MAR2011


Really liked the artwork and simple shots, often very close up to reduce strain on the animators - NICE TOUCH! - i liked the cinematography and use of colour filters, even though i've designed my piece to be black and white, colour filters or temperatures could give the piece a new depth and if i have time post production will definitely be something i consider trying.


I've seen this before, Stand Up has a huge similarity to the visual style i am approaching, slightly more surrealist than i am aiming for with some abstract situations that i dont feel would suit the more documentative angle i am taking with my running piece. But definitely like the use of lighting and reaction shots throughout and i am considering where i can make some of my morphing scenes react a bit more like this, as apposed to the static views they are. At the same time i dont want to bite off more than i can chew with such a short production period and to change too much now may prove costly to the final finish.

Things to follow up:





11 Mar 2011

Scene 8 - Line Test - Inked and clean up first test.

Line Test - Coloured and inked.

Video compressed using virtual dub at this scale and size i lost a bit of quality but doesn't matter at this stage.

Also, the transfer from line test to my machine, to internet via compressor seems to have slowed down the movement ever so slightly.

9 Mar 2011

For my use

Just to make life easier, a working logo to go on all work published:-



Getting ahead of myself now...

Got tired of inking the pencil drawings so decided to get ahead of myself again and try a dvd case design, bit rough and probably all wrong as i dont have the brief, tightly based on the OneSheet, here it is;

And the disc:

5 Mar 2011


My final indy game inspiration comes from Limbo, developed by Danish company, PlayDead.

Again the art style is very much the eery black and white environments i wish to create for parts of my animation.